California Brokerage Offers Online Auto Insurance Comparisons

LOS ANGELES, May 1 /PRNewswire/ — California residents have the privilege of instantly completing online auto insurance rate comparisons by simply visiting — operated by Auto Solutions Insurance Services, a licensed brokerage specializing in automobile personal lines.


The previous process of comparing rates from a variety of companies involved individually contacting carriers of choice, by phone, in person or online and repeatedly providing whatever information was necessary for rating purpose. This process would become frustrating and repetitive, but would be the only way to ensure competitive premiums.

Today, consumers have it much easier with the help of the internet. One can compare auto insurance rates in a matter of minutes. As long as it takes a California resident to answer basic questions in regards to drivers, vehicles and coverage, is the time it will take to instantly start comparing the rates of leading insurers. Learn more by visiting and obtaining more information.

The California Department of Insurance Automobile Insurance Consumer Guide states that under California’s premium rating law, each carrier is allowed to calculate its own unique rates based on its loss experience and expenses; therefore, rates can differ within carriers. By completing a rate comparison, consumers are able to find a company that will offer low premiums while providing the coverage in need.

Site security should not have to be a worrying factor to website visitors, no personal information such as driver’s license or social security numbers is required; additionally, any information entered is secure.

Visit for California auto insurance rate comparisons with the option to purchase a policy online.

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