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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ — There are so many ads out there soliciting car insurance. What consumers are not clearly informed about is whether a company is a brokerage or a direct carrier, nor the differences and benefits of buying direct or through a broker.

Most states require that a company soliciting car insurance defines its role as a direct carrier or a broker. For example, in California, a brokerage cannot use the word “insurance company” in their business name so that consumers would not be misled. A brokerage usually will have the suffix “insurance services”, “insurance agency” or “insurance brokerage”.

When it comes to making a choice when deciding whether to go with a brokerage or a direct carrier one should really consider multiple factors.

Buying from a direct carrier can include the following benefits:– Direct claims assistance from your carrier– Direct customer service including making instant changes– No broker’s start up fees– No endorsement fees– No possibility of brokerage going out of business– No middle man– No renewal broker’s feesBuying from a brokerage can include the following benefits:– Wider variety of carriers – Possibly lower rate– More personalized service, the ability to visit agent personally– The ability to change carriers within the same brokerage if unsatisfied– Lower hold times when calling– Able to pay in office location– Receive documents instantly without the need of fax/email– Possibly open weekends– Certain companies only available through brokerages

The reality is that there is really not a better way out of the two. It depends on your current situation and your needs.

Buying car insurance online is also a great way to shop for auto insurance rates. Buying online can come with such benefits as being able to manage your policy right from the comfort of your home and even filing claims online.

Some websites allow you to compare rates from multiple companies online. One such website is which allows you to fill out one simple form and compare rates from multiple companies such as Progressive, AIG, GMAC, Infinity and more. Additionally, in most states, you can compare rates from Esurance, SafeCo, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, MetLife Auto and more.

Compare instant car insurance quotes online by visiting In some states, you can even purchase auto insurance online.

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