AutoInsurancePlanners.Com Offers Three Keys to Understanding Auto Insurance Rates

Understanding your auto insurance rates is important, whether shopping for a new auto insurance policy or renewing car insurance coverage, say the experts at To make sure you’re getting the best auto insurance rates, understand the variables and make them work in your favor.

Major factors affecting rates include personal information, credit history, type of vehicle, your location, driving record and insurance history.

Your best bets

Some factors you can’t affect, but three items that figure most strongly in your rating are also the ones over which you have the most control:

Claim frequency. One accident is usually not a big deal, but two — especially if you’re at fault in one of them — will put you in a high claims group, and that often will result in higher premiums. Your rate can be re-quoted when the accidents drop off your driving record, usually after three years.

Driving record. Speeding tickets and other infractions will put you in a higher-risk category too. When you get a quote on a new policy, most insurers will use your driving record in their underwriting process. Again, re-quote when your record’s clean.

Credit score. Insurers say there is a statistically strong correlation between credit history and insurance risk, and they review your credit score when you apply for a policy or renew.

To keep auto rates low, maintain good credit: no late payments or defaults, no bankruptcies, liens or judgments. Then, review your credit report regularly, to make sure it contains no mistakes. If you find errors, have them corrected, then ask your insurer to review it and see if that affects your rates.

For more information on credit reports, log on to and review the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

There are many auto insurance companies out there and each one calculates rates a bit differently. So if you want to assure you are getting the absolute best car insurance rates, use comparison shopping at web sites like

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