Launches Revamped Quote Generator

DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Rating engine site has implemented upgrades that now allow consumers to enter data about multiple drivers as well as more detailed information about their driving histories, which will allow for a more refined quote-making process.

By asking for more precise data, the revamped quote form can generate auto insurance rate estimates that are now more accurate than ever.

The rating engine still requires only non-sensitive data from insurance shoppers; personally tailored estimates can be obtained from a variety of reputable carriers without having to input driver’s license or social security numbers. All that the site asks for is basic driver information, vehicle type, coverage options and driver history, and in return consumers get a free set of competitive price estimates from top coverage providers.

Anyone who gets a quote directly from an insurance provider will see that the details of a traffic accident or a moving violation will matter greatly when it comes to determining how much influence these incidents will have on premiums. Recognizing this, the developers at improved their services by incorporating these details into their rate calculations.

Motorists with traffic tickets can now detail the type of citation and when it occurred. And drivers who have been involved in an accident are now able to provide data about the date, type and severity of the crash, as well as who was at fault.

This type of data is important. Whether a policyholder was at fault in a serious accident can determine whether insurance premiums will be pushed sky-high or see no change at all. And even if the prospective policyholder was at fault, the incident may not be considered by an insurer at all if it occurred outside of a certain time frame. In Texas, for instance, negative incidents like accidents or tickets may only push up rates if they happened within the past three years.


To check out the site and use the improved quote-comparison generator, readers can go to where visitors will also find informative resources on the details of getting covered.


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